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Death and Co.

Sep 11, 2019

Everyone gathered around just like they did on Sundays, for dinner. But instead this was about murdering your loved ones. Bree, Lindsay, Ryan and Jesse discuss the finer points of a member of the family removing the rest. 

Sep 4, 2019

Pull up a really pointy seat and make yourself uncomfortable. Lindsay, Bree and Jesse talk Medieval Torture Devices. From Iron Maidens to a well placed Pyramid, this will make you squirm. Enjoy! 

Aug 21, 2019

For a different take on genocide, Bree Lindsay Jesse and Greg discuss cult deaths. What's keeping you alive this week?

Aug 14, 2019

This is a rather heavy episode about Genocide. Bree and Lindsay talk about the Armenian Genocide as well as the Holocaust. Jesse and Greg chime in with completely relevant information too. 

Aug 7, 2019

This episode, Lindsay and Bree discuss zombies with Jesse and Greg. Things get heated, and there may have been some yelling and possible name calling... either way, we all feel more alive.